Limited release of 20. Red transluscent tape. Remastered and features an additional track not on the original.


hyacinth is the brainchild drone project of andrw fx, a Pittsburgh based mixed media artist. wielding elements of minimalism, repetition, and audio manipulation, hyacinth transforms accordion, bicycles and everyday household objects into loud and heavy meditations.


a version of "the cultivator's recurring dream (manifestation)" was originally used as a score for Amy Edwards’ Spring Drip


“a budding reconciliation of values” was used as a score for Amy Edwards’ The Uninvited Guest.


accordion, melodica, bicycle crank, bowed bicycle spokes, struck mixing bowl, bowed mixing bowl, struck aluminum water bottle, exhaust fan, cymbal swells, field recordings, sampling, audio manipulations, and production by andrw fx.


cover art and layout by andrw fx

originally released March 2020

remastered August 2021


primary process 001

a budding reconciliation of values - hyacinth cassette

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