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this is a digital pdf version of a zine. 


cut the shit vol 1 was originally put into print in the spring of 2015. it featured a green cover in an edition of 50 hand copied, printed, and bound zines. it was originally intended to be one volume in an ongoing series, and while the work continued extensively for years no official second physical compilation was ever made public. a sample draft of volume 2 was featured in an exclusive giveaway one-of-a-kind zine called New Years, New Fears that came out in the winter of 2016. 


the author continued to employ this method for several years before having the revelation that the method was only the beginning of the process of a style of writing that the author still employs to explore the surreal.


andrw fx 2022

CUT THE SHIT VOL 1 (digital perzine) by andrw fx


is a contemporary artist working in fiction, sound, assemblage, painting, illustration, and other media. their work’s objective is to navigate trauma and subvert traditions and limitations of ghosts and harbingers alike.

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