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Korean Turkey with Pickled Vegetables and Rice Recipe

- Sample recipe edit from client's forthcoming cookbook.

Make It Happen Sample (Restauranteur Book) 

- Sample of completed editing project for a published book.

RSC Leaflet (Major Promo Material)

- Promotional material edit for major client.


Vegan Breakfast Sausage Recipe

- Recipe developed and written for budding Pittsburgh Vegan Palestinian cafe, B52 and bakery, Allegro Hearth. Recipe in use in-house. Public access to recipe book in total is not permitted.

If I Don't Self Immolate Will I Ever Be Understood?

- Manuscript of published writing for audiobook put out by Kansas literary label, Hello America Stereo Cassette.

My First Shaving Kit

- Creative Non-fiction piece originally published in Black and Grey Fashion Fall 2013.

andrw fx is a contemporary artist who works in fiction, sound, assemblage, painting, illustration, and other media. their work’s objective is to navigate trauma and subvert traditions and limitations of ghosts and harbingers alike.

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