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This is a promotional picture of my book sitting on top of another copy.
This is the title of my book every thing written in handwritten cursive script.
This is the title of my book every thing in a handwritten cursive script.

every thing is a tinder bio without a character limit — a bittersweet reckoning of a life recounted via the subconscious mind. 


In their debut novella andrw fx delivers a fearless portrait of imperatives. Using obsessively thorough though vague and offbeat language andrw takes an accounting of experience, neuroses, idiosyncrasy, values, and suffering to illustrate the sort of raw and inviolable pieces of a person. That which one might come to find either incredibly charming or repulsively off putting. Like several years of psychotherapy fashioned into one brief afternoon. 

Available for pre-order now!

$14 plus shipping

Ships 02/17/22

andrw fx is a contemporary artist who works in fiction, sound, assemblage, painting, illustration, and other media. their work’s objective is to navigate trauma and subvert traditions and limitations of ghosts and harbingers alike.

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